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Counselling & Communication Pathway

Learn to help others resolve difficult issues through counselling

A counsellor’s role is to facilitate the resolution of issues, whilst respecting a person’s values, personal resources, culture and capacity for choice. Counselling provides a regular time and space for someone to talk about their problems and explore difficult feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. Start your path towards becoming a counsellor today.You’ll complete a ten-week certificate followed by an Assessment of Competence with The Career Academy, and then a Deakin University Professional Practice Credential in business communication. The credential is a mini-degree or certification in a specific topic area.

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Key Benefits

  • Gain two Certificates to add to your CV
    • The Career Academy Certificate in Counselling Skills
    • Deakin University Professional Practice Credential in Business Communication
  • Opens doors for further personal growth via a pathway into Deakin University
  • Receive a FREE 12-month student membership to the International Association for Counselling
  • Flexible online study – work at your own pace in your own time
  • Receive unlimited one-on-one tutor support
  • Free 12 month membership to ANZMHA

This course is designed for

  • Those wanting to get take their first steps towards the care industry
  • Those in the care industry who would like to gain a qualification
  • Job seekers wanting to upskill professionally
  • Anyone wanting a Deakin University credential

Three steps to gain your Credential from Deakin University!

  1. Complete The Career Academy Certificate in Counselling Skills
  2. Complete an Assessment of Competence
  3. Submit your work to Deakin University and receive your credential in Business Communication.

This course is accredited by ICOES

ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from a reputable training organisation. ICOES is the accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions.

What students say about our Certificate in Counselling & Communication

★★★★★ “Excellent and well organised course, with very helpful tutors and strong course content.” – Mandy Pickett


★★★★★ “I have been involved with counselling on a voluntary basis – and realised that a number of tools I used were mentioned in this course and learned lots about the skills I did not have but desired to acquire – awesome!” – Karen Frith

Credentials awarded by Deakin University

Course summary

Investment: $1,495 + GST or from only $25 per week with our interest free payment plan.


Assessments: includes case studies, quizzes, written assessments, and a video interview.


Duration: A total of 150 hours to be completed within 12 months. Study at your own pace!


Access Time: You will have access to this course for up to 12 months until you complete.


Delivery & support: This course is delivered online with tutor support by phone and email.

Receive a FREE 12-month student membership to the International Association for Counselling

Counselling & Communication

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Learning Specific Skills
  3. Listening and Bonding
  4. Reflection
  5. Questioning
  6. Interview Techniques
  7. Changing Beliefs and Normalising
  8. Finding Solutions
  9. Ending the Counselling

The Assessment of competence

  1. A professional review of your CV by an expert
  2. Preparation of documentary evidence for the Deakin Credential assessment process – including a written testimony and other evidence as per the evidence guide.

The Deakin University credential

  1. Submit your evidence and reflective testimony that you’ve developed during the Assessment of Competency via Deakin’s credential portal
  2. Undertake your online video testimony
  3. Deakin completes their assessment. You may be asked for additional evidence or testimony during this time
  4. Successful candidates will be issued their credential which can be shared through social platforms like LinkedIn.

Free 12 month membership to ANZMHA

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