A strong social network is essential!

          Network support     Strong social networks make life easier and happier! Often when you’re feeling overwhelmed by work, study, family commitments and life in general, you cut yourself off and hunker down, thinking that any social interactions take time away from what you should be getting on with. The truth[…]

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George’s story

George’s story:   “It was as though everything had been designed to suit my needs,” comments George. “The payment plans were ideal, the course was well structured and the support I received from my tutors was amazing. These are the three key reasons why I’d recommend The Career Academy to my friends without any hesitation.”[…]

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Home office with desk laptop and stationery

Set up your study space

  Your study space Follow our tips to set up your study space. Location, location, location! Are you able to study at work, or are you planning to study from home? Whether it’s your home office or the kitchen bench, a quiet area to study will help you stay on task and work through the[…]

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Reduce stress with meditation

        Meditation is food for the soul     Manage stress and improve your concentration by practicing mindfulness. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or tired? Meditation can bring an instant calming perspective to your life in as little as two minutes. The benefits are numerous; it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, sharpen concentration[…]

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Leanne’s story

Leanne’s story “I can’t speak highly enough about the platform The Career Academy offers and this has enabled me to gain personal development on a level I could only dream about one year ago.” There’s so much to gain from getting formally qualified.   “I’m Leanne and a current student of The Career Academy. I’ve[…]

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Man walking on pathway

Manage stress the healthy way

  Manage stress the healthy way The fundamentals of stress management involve keeping a positive attitude, changing the situation when you can and changing your reaction when you can’t. While you can’t stop your bills from coming or make more hours in the day, you can learn to manage stress by taking charge of your[…]

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Christine’s story

Christine’s story:   “Feel the fear, and just go for it!” Christine Kidd knows all about how to overcome a challenge. For many years, she’s dealt with significant health issues, but she continues to face these head-on. As part of her self-development, she’s taken various word processing, computing and administration courses over the years, and is[…]

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Carol’s story

  Carol’s story “There was no rush. I could just work at my own pace around the other demands on my time,” Carol explains. “The tutors were really supportive and quick to respond. Plus, tutor support was available on Saturdays – what a brilliant idea! It was just perfect for people like me who’re trying to juggle work, family life and[…]

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The Career Academy Stay Motivated

Staying motivated while studying

  Staying motivated while studying  Whatever the project, seeing something through to the end becomes more difficult once your initial motivation dies down. When it comes to study, we find there are two common reasons our students find it challenging to finish their course: They’ve skipped a week or two, and can’t seem to get[…]

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